La Vida is an innovative frame company and a game changer in the Optical Industry. Check out what we are up to:

Woman Game Changers in Optometry 2018

Eyecare Business selected 10 independent female optometrists + opticians who are breaking down barriers, ushering in positive change, and shaking things up in the industry for good.

They are agents of change on all the fronts that matter now—education, mentoring, vision + health, diversity, training, social media, service, and so much more.

Check it out here.

Vision Monday Woman of Influence -Innovators

Honor description: Woman initiating new products, programs or Ideas marking Success.
La Vida is an award winning frame company and is chosen because: “Diana creates eyewear for the diverse and bold. No other frame company would design styles to fit her demographic so she took matters into her own hands and La Vida Eyewear was born".

"Prospanica Brillante Award"

Diana Canto-Sims Wins Award from Prospanica Chicago!

Diana's growth opportunity from 10KSB, La Vida Eyewear, were both presented The Brillante Award for Entrepreneurship Excellence from Prospanica Chicago.
This award recognizes an entrepreneur who exemplifies Hispanic leadership through their drive and success. The candidate advocates and supports the Prospanica mission and initiatives.

Particular attention is given to:
The candidate's vision and passion around his or her product or service and how this message is conveyed to the Hispanic community.
The candidate's leadership attributes that have advanced their business as well as Prospanica's mission and strategic goals.
The candidate's commitment to social responsibility and giving back to their community, particularly in the area of educational and philanthropic initiatives supporting, and cultivating and empowering Hispanic youth.


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