True confessions of an eyeball doctor-Part 3

True confessions of an eyeball doctor-Part 3

{Part 3} The truth about buying eyewear online 


Purchasing eyeglasses online requires compromising in pretty much every area to which I am most committed: quality, fit and a great experience for mgente.  


I’m not the only one figuring this out. Online retailers are opening brick and mortar stores nationwide because they have seen how and why buying glasses online is not as seamless as they once thought. 


To be fair to all sides of the equation, here are the “pro’s” of ordering your glasses online: 


  • It’s easy (that’s a no-brainer).  
  • The selection is huge. You can check out different websites and comparison shop across tons of options: styles, colors, extras.  
  • You can save money. Consumer Reports found that shoppers saved up to 40% buying eyewear online. 


My research turned up the same. Great deals abounded. But as I compiled the “con’s,” I had to ask myself, at what price? 


Here are the 3 biggest downsides of purchasing online 


[Read the first here.] 

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