True confessions of an eyeball doctor-Part 1

True confessions of an eyeball doctor-Part 1



True confessions of an eyeball doctor:  


Why La Vida decided NOT to become an online eyewear retailer  

(and why you should never buy eyeglasses online) 


An online “telenovela” in 6 parts


{Part 1If the shoe doesn’t fit… wear it anyway?! 


Have you ever bought anything off the sale rack and then never worn it?  


I have a confession to make: been there, done that myself Sometimes the tags never even came off! 


At the store, the blouse or whatever seemed so seductive – It’s a great deal, it’s the only one leftI’d tell myself. I’d try it on, squint at the dressing room mirror and sayI’ll make it work(Famous last words.) 


Then, I’d get it home only to realize that I didn’t LOVE it. It was “eh”, it didn’t quite fit, or it went with nothing I owned. Has that ever happened to you? I know you feel my painugh. 


Lesson learned: Sometimes, convenience means compromiseAvailable at the click of a button” or “lowest price” doesn’t always mean “best fit or “best value.” My closet can testify to that 


I made a pact with myself: no more compromise, no matter how convenient or how big the sale is. It wasn’t worth it. Better to invest a little more time, and sometimes a few more dollars, to save myself frustration and wasted time, space and money later. Especially if I don’t LOVE it when I wear it.  


Clothing that doesn’t fit is annoying. Eyeglasses that don’t fit, however, can make the difference between learning, working and functioning at our best. Poor quality lenses can impact our vision or jeopardize our safety.  


When it comes to something as precious as your eyesight, and the eyesight of your loved ones, the decision that no compromise is worth your health, quality of life, education, or effectiveness is vital. (Now that is a big deal… Probably the best “deal” ever!) 


But before I reveal how buying eyewear online is a compromise you can’t afford to make—I have a bigger confession to make… 


[Read it here.] 

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